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My husband aged 72 is very fit and has no health problems -

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My husband aged 72 is very fit and has no health problems - he goes to a gym twice a week, takes regular walks and is constantly on the go. Tonight, while sitting in his chair, he complained of the heat and became dizzy, went pale and felt nauseous. He was very clammy. He ate a banana as he thought this might help and wanted to lie down. He is now lying on the bed and says that with his eyes closed he feels a bit better. His pulse seems strong. His blood pressure has always been good - ie about 110 over 70. This has happened once before about a year ago when he got out of bed and nearly collapsed. But this time it happened while he was sitting still. Please can you advise me. He is normally extremely fit and has annual health checks.

Hi Sarah. This should be looked into, especially since it has happened twice. It is not unusual for an otherwise healthy man his age to have undiagnosed coronary artery disease. When a small artery to the heart (similarly for the brain) closes off briefly or goes into spasm or is clogged suddenly by a small piece of plaque that has dislodged from the wall of the artery, the result can be a heart attack (or stroke) with vague symptoms of chest pain (not in all cases), shortness of breath, nausea, sweating and dizziness. The symptoms may be mild but may indicate a more serious underlying condition that could be much worse next time if left untreated. For this reason, I would suggest you have him evaluated right away. If you cannot get into see his GP right away, take him to an express care clinic or the ER.

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