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I had a tummy tuck done on 22nd January this year. At start

Customer Question

Hi, I had a tummy tuck done on 22nd January this year. At start of June I got mild urinary symptoms, thought UTI, all urine tests negative. Now, the "UTI" is much more severe, and I also have pain at my belly button, feels like nerve pain. I know I have a tilted uterus, but my recent MRI shows uterus tilting towards the abdomen and at slightly more than a 90 degree angle. It looks like it's sitting on my bladder but I'm not sure. I also have a tight pelvic floor (I do have normal urine stream) and pelvic floor spasm, which I can sometimes feel when sitting cross-legged.
Now, I feel like my bladder is bursting. Cystoscopy normal - "perfect bladder lining". I query: possible low-grade UTI despite negative urine test, query pelvic floor issues causing the desperate to pee sensation, query scar tissue/adhesions, query abdominoplasty shifting uterus further forward, query nerve damage from surgery. Any opinions? Could I send MRI image?
Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

you can send an MRI image, but your radiologist who read your MRI scan report would have better monitors than we do here and all of your images which makes for reading the full MRI scan more meaningful

do you have your MRI scan report?

if your MRI scan report is normal and shows no structural problems, then most likely the one MRI scan image won't be that helpful.

are you drinking alcohol or caffeine? these can cause burning when you urinate and UTI type symptoms. you might have to drink more water and fluid.

tight pelvic floor muscles can cause mild UTI type symptoms.

scar tissue can happen after any type of surgery and could be causing UTI type symptoms.

there are nerve pain medications you can ask your doctor about and try, like neurontin or lyrica which you could see if they help

let me know if you have questions.