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Dr. David
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Please can you help My son had a basal cell carcinoma

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Please can you help My son had a basal cell carcinoma removed surgically by excision It was in close proximity to his vp shunt reservoir which began to fail within a week of surgery to bcc It has been thought that the shunt failed by coincidence and that the excision would not have caused it to fail The the plastic surgeon said he did not visualise the shunt during surgery otherwise he would ask for neurological advice After 28 years of working perfectly the shunt became dysfunctional at the very same time as the bcc excision I felt it was not coincidental and a neurological clinician mentioned that the skin surgery was scarily close to the shunt when we took our son to hospital as he was so il
Thank you

This is Dr. David

yes, basal cell cancer surgery close to a VP shut can nick the shunt and cause it not to work properly.

the neurosurgeons will have to test the shunt now to see if it is flowing properly.

they may have to revise or replace the VP shunt.

that is unfortunate that the basal cell cancer affected the shunt like this

are the neurosurgeons going to try to replace or revise the shunt at this point?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you My son now has a new shunt but the plastic surgeon that removed the basal cell carcinoma said he did not visualise the now defunct shunt tubing Seemingly the dermatology and neurology believe it was a coincidence that the shunt failed at that exact time I am not convinced

I am not convinced either.

the neurosurgeons need to test the shunt to see if it works or not

if it doesn't work, it needs to be revised or replaced.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you dear doctor My concern is now that the hospital clinicians are saying that my son's shunt stopped working at that exact time of the basal cell carcinoma excision only by a mere coincidence and they do not believe the skin surgery did not cause it Thank you doctor I would be grateful to hear your thoughts My landline number uk is ***********

when is a good time to call?

should I call now?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
hello doctor i have been hoping you would be able to ring me in connection with our problem Yes thank you now would be fantastic tel uk ***********
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you doctor we are so concerned for our son He has a new vp shunt but it is overdraining so my son has impaired balance and is in a wheelchair now and has swallowing problems since the long standing shunt failed It was in good working order for 28 years until the excision of bcc which was in close proximity to the shunt reservoir The hospital clinicians say it must have failed by coincidence We would be grateful for your thoughts to help us find peace Tel uk***********Thank you

yes, I can call you now.