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Can some people be immume to painkillers and medications

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Can some people be immume to painkillers and medications like dizapam? I have been pescribed various types and strengths and they don't seem to have any effect. I am not talking about dependency issues here as I don't regularly take them. What should I be suggesting to my GP about medications that may work for me?

This is Dr. David

some people can be more resistant to certain medications than others.

what symptoms are you having?

are you having pain or tight muscles?

diazepam is a long acting benzodiazepine medication used as a muscle relaxer and antiseizure medication

it can also be used to decrease anxiety symptoms

do you have excessive anxiety?

do you drink alcohol? alcohol acts on the body in similar ways that benzo medications do.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I transferred some of a anti baterial foam cleaner from my hands onto the tip of my penis. As you would expect causing a lot of pain. GP prescribed anti inflammatory and anti biotics and also cocodomol as well as diazepam in a small dose. I ask since when I used previous painkillers I have not had any benefits.
I don't drink.

I see.

the pain from the antibacterial foam cleaner can cause short term pain, but it shouldn't last and the pain should go away once the foam cleaner was washed off. it was washed off with water, correct?

Co-codamol contains two different medicines called codeine phosphate and paracetamol and is a very very mild low level pain medication

it sounds like your diazepam was at a low dose as well.

I'm surprised your doctor gave you diazepam since you didn't have a seizure and no muscle tightness. diazepam is not usually used for penis pain symptoms.

it tends to be used to decrease anxiety symptoms as a long acting anti-anxiety or muscle relaxation medication.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
it was washed off but not until a few hours later after I realised what had happened. I presume that this is still ok. Going back to my original question, are there any specific pain medication that might work or is this just on a trial and error basis?

there are definitely stronger types and stronger doses of pain medications than codeine you could get in the future if you needed stronger pain medications.

there are morphines, oxycodone, hydromorphone, fentanyl, oxymorphone all of which are stronger and more potent than codeine for pain.

there are also higher doses of diazepam as well which can be used

so you don't have to worry

let me know if you have other questions.

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