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Would stopping taking Metformin after 6 years influence the

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Would stopping taking Metformin after 6 years influence the start of Parkinsons Disease
I have stopped my medication because of a strong aversion to orthodox medical tablets but now show signs of Parkinson in that my movements are slower, my erratic sleeping pattern, my general inability to interact with family and friends are all causing me great concern.
The medication I take for Parkinson, on my G.P's instruction and the Neuro surgeon is Sintex

Hi there,

Metformin has no effect whatsoever on Parkinson's disease, therefore stopping it wouldn't change the symptoms but rise your blood sugar levels unhealthily.

There ist no natural cure against Parkinson. But isn't chemistry nature, too? I would like to reassure you to take your medication again to improve your life and relationships.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for the news on taking medication for Parkinson's disease.
The actual name of the prescription is Sinemet Plus 25mg/100mg -
2 tablets 3 times daily. I generally feel alright taking this except I have great difficulty in reconsilling the value. My mother died from taking a list of mixed tablets for her diabetes and heart conditions and when she was admitted to hospital, the specialist asked why she was taking such an assortment because clearly they were not being taken with supervision as the G.P would prescribe a new batch whenever Mother asked and at 81 yrs of age she clearly didn't understand what she was doing. I didn't live near her to get involved but then neither did I know about this situation until she was admitted to hospital. I would like to know where I can get a list of foods to eat and avoid. Can you help?
Thank You
Diane *********

This is a real bad story you tell hre! I am sorry about your mother. This won't happen to you if your GP takes care.

There are no dietary rules for Parkinson.

hre is more about diabetes:

All the best!