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Can't have sex as it gets to sore just on the entrance feels

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Can't have sex as it gets to sore just on the entrance feels like l want the skin cutting so the penis can enter l am 59 and been like this for about 5 yrs


Your question is not very clear.

Are you asking that you feel that you need to get the foreskin of the penis removed, because having sex is painful?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry worded it all name is Lynn I am a female 59 . I have had a problem for about five years . With intercourse it's got to the stage I don't want intercourse . The entrance to the vagina seems to get very sore and red , as if the entrance to the vagina is not wide enough about 10yrs ago I had the Lase abrasion and it just seems the skin on the out side of the vagina is very sensitive can't describe it very well it's just like the skin is thin. I have no pain in side the vagina it's just the entrance even though I have tried many lubricant creams . I can't even have foreplay Or any think . Got to the stage now I am petrified to have intercourse .


Thanks for the clarification :)

Have you been evaluated by a gynecologist for this - it would be possibly a form of vaginitis or even vaginismus, if it is not related to a lack of lubrication,

Only a detailed examination can confirm the exact cause,

Warm regards

Dr. Gupta, MD

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your help I have now made an appointment to see the doctor a week Friday and hopefully something can be done to help me with the problems with the vagina area I don't understand much about it or what can be done To improve things .