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Morning. I have something on the side of my head that got as

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Morning. I have something on the side of my head that got as bad as its ever been yesterday, It a mess and looks like it involves blood vessels or something, I have been to the doctors and seen a specialist but sent away no wiser. Surly someone has had this problem before.

Could you attach a picture?

I had asked for a picture of the lesion and have not heard back.

There are several types of abnormalities of blood vessel origin that can happen in the skin. There are also certain skin lesions that are not primarily composed of blood vessels, but are very vascular.

Reviewing a picture may help, but it may ultimately need an examination by a Dermatologist if your regular doctor cannot clarify what type of lesion is present.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here is a photo for you.

Yes, this appears to be vascular, such as a venous malformation. If this is stable, it may not require any treatment, but if it is progressive or bothersome, then it would be appropriate for you to be seen by a Plastic Surgeon.

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