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Dr Uzair
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I am a 71 year old male living alone. Due to post polio

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I am a 71 year old male living alone. Due to post polio syndrome my left leg is useless. I use a walking stick. 4 days ago I felt a twinge in my back while exercising and that evening excruciating pain .across my upper back/shoulder area.Paracetamol helped a little but couldnt sleep. Next day pain moved down to midriff area concentrated on right side.Pain very bad when I bend down or turn around. Severe loss of appetite. Next day I realised that what little muscular control existed in left leg had diminished and I can barely walk at all.Walking stick has to bear my entire weight. I do not know if pps and the pain are related. Probably irrelevent but recently i have had mild tingling in left ear.I am a solitary person with no one I can turn to.Feeling stranded and panic growing.Any advice much appreciated

Hi and welcome.

This can be related to pps especially the new weakness but the pain seems to be of neuro-muscular in origin. It sounds like you have developed severe muscular spasm during exercise that is causing pain. Other possibility is nerve impingement which also cause weakness along with pain. I would recommend you to take ibuprofen one tablet thrice a day and apply capsaicin cream over the painful area. Warm compresses can help relieve spasm. However it would be best to get yourself examined by your doctor as new weakness is concerning.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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Wish you good health.

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