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Six days ago I noticed a very painful enlarged node on the

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Hi six days ago I noticed a very painful enlarged node on the right side of my neck approx 4cm above end of collar bone. Aprox the size of my small fingernail. I saw gp who said it was soft moveable and she said I had some redness in my throat, the only symptom I had was froggy voice on and off no soreness at all. I am 52 and in menopause and have been having hot flushes on and off for 3 years I don't think these have changed. I asked for blood test but gp thought it unnecessary. Today 6 days later the node has reduced very much in size and is tiny now, it remains soft and moveable and it is not painful now. Do you think I should go back to gp or wait a little longer to see if this node goes away.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Other than this I feel fit and well
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have finished a course of amoxicillin and been applying hot and cold compress to my neck.

Hello from JustAnswer.

No, there is no need to be rechecked at this point.

The vast majority of sudden onset of painful enlarged lymph nodes is because of a reaction to germs entering the body, even to relatively simple infection, such as minor viral infections of the throat.

When there is a reactive enlargement of the lymph nodes, it will sometimes resolve quickly, but sometimes more slowly, taking longer to resolve than the original infection. And in some cases it may take a month or two.

For this lymph node to be reduced very much in seize after 6 days, that would be strong support that this is a reactive lymph node, and it will almost certainly continue to resolve without needing any further medical care.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
2 weeks ago I had clear mammogram and ultrasound of painful breasts.
Sorry I keep thinking of more info.

It is very good that you have clear mammogram and ultrasound. But even if there had not been any recent imaging tests of the breasts, the lymph node symptoms that you describe would not be worrisome and it will almost certainly continue to resolve, as I noted above, so there is no need for you to be seen again or consider any other evaluation.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The thing that is worrying me most is the location of the lymph node around the collarbone.

Even in this location, the pattern of the enlargement of the lymph node that you describe is typical for a reaction and will almost certainly continue to resolve.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your response, I had some bloods done yesterday as I have been so worried about this node. The results ESR FBC THYROID and Liver function all came back normal apart from gamma GT which were elevated at 127 And it was also elevated 137 back in March the range being less than 50.

These labs are not worrisome. The GGT is very non-specific, and when there is only an elevation in GGT with no other liver blood test abnormalities or findings on exam, there typically is no liver disease causing the GGT elevation.

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