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This is a bit of an embarrassing health question I'm afraid,

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this is a bit of an embarrassing sexual health question I'm afraid, but I'm very genuine and serious. I met a girl on a night out and went back to hers to spend the night, unfortunately i couldn't perform so in an effort to change this disastrous situation, she got out her vibrator and started rubbing in on my genitals (along the shaft and balls). Now I'm worried about sti's. At no point did the toy enter her or me, but I'm still worried. I'm a child of the 80s that grew up in the height of those fear fuelled advertising campaigns about HIV so very paranoid. Could I catch anything this way? What if there were fluids on it from a previous use age. Sorry to bother you if this sounds ridiculous but I genuinely concerned.

Thanks for your question.

I am glad that you have asked this question.The risk of contracting HIV this way would be practically zero.The HIV virus is not a hardy one and is killed on exposure to air.

Unless she used it inside her genitalia and immediately used it on the exposed mucosa of your genitalia you are not at risk of getting HIV from it.

Considering that the vibrator was applied only to intact skin of shaft of penis and scrotum the risk of transmission is nil.

Please don't loose any sleep over this.

Reply if you need any clarification.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What about other sti's tho please

Even for other STI's if exposure was from vibrator to skin the risk would not be there as even other virus like HSV and HPV are also fragile and die when exposed to air.

Other bacteria like gonorrhea need sexual intercourse to get transmitted.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you that is a weight off my mind. I will rate highly. Thanks again.