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I am due for a CT scan of the Chest/Abdo/Pelvis and Neck all

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I am due for a CT scan of the Chest/Abdo/Pelvis and Neck all with contrast. I am very concerned as I am fine with having blood removed from my body but always react when anything is put in by feeling extremely ill and passing out when I stand up. I'm sure my body sees it as something which is being attacked and reacts accordingly. I have a number of allergies and sensitivities but do not know if Iodine is one of them. (I have been told I cannot have an MRI Scan). Do you think there a way round this?
I have a swelling just above the middle of my collarbone which has been tested and is fine but they don't know where the liquid is coming from.
I would appreciate your opinion on this matter. Thank you. Elizabeth

Thanks for the question.

You need to have yourself tested for any allergy to the contrast medium before hand.This can be done by injecting a minute amount of contrast under the skin under medical supervision.

In addition you may need to be pre medicated with an anti allergic agent and a steroid to decrease any chances of allergic reaction if you are found not to be allergic to the contrast agent.

If you are allergic to contrast you have to avoid the contrast injection.Your doctor may consider to have you tested for another type of contrast agent.You need to tell your doc tor about your problem so that he can steps to ensure your safety.

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