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I'm 99% sure I have herpes. My question is did I get this

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I'm 99% sure I have herpes. My question is did I get this from the girl I am seeing now or a girl I slept with once 5 months ago with a condom, (the girl 5 months ago told me she had it and I stupidly did despite wearing a condom) I had no symptoms until around 10 days ago. I can provide further details

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Are you able to post a picture of the rash?
Although it is possible to be herpes, there can be other possibilities as well.
In fact ingrown hair, sebaceous cysts are more common causes.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry. It is not letting me attach a pic how do I do this? Can I just provide the following details as the main issue of my quesiton is not 'if i have it' as I am very certain by my symptoms I do, but rather who have I most likely got it from?To begin with in april I had a one night stand with a girl in London. She told me she had herpes and I stupidly went for it, (I was ignorant to the incurable aspect and exactly what it was) I wore a condom however and I don't think she was having an outbreak. I was paranoid the next day when I researched it but alas received no symptoms at all. Assuming I was fine we arrive to late june (2 months later) where I start seeing a girl who just starts working in my pub. I have had unprotected sex with her 4-5 times a week on average since then and still no symptoms, neither did she. Anyway about 10 days ago (mid september) i notice a red spot on my pubic area (waist area) in amongst the hair, thinking it was nothing I ignored it until the next morning where it seemed to have got worse slightly I suddenly remembered the girl from London but thought "surely 5 months is too long for an initial outbreak? plus I wore a condom and it was one time?" Anyway the next day I saw my girlfriend and we had sex again, I noticed this time surprisingly she had many red spots on her vagina area which she said was shaving rash but I logically thought "surely I have got this from her as the timing of me getting this rash matches her getting this one?" she however denies she has any std :/ but only got tested for general test which I know doesn't normally fo herpes. It seems strange for me to develop this just as my girlfriend gets this prominent apparent shaving rash (which she says she sometimes gets sporadically) she also said she was sore with it. I am wondering coincidentally whether she also has herpes and I instead considering the timing must have got it from her?? But I can't the shake the one night stand in London 5 months ago as this girl confirmed to me she had it and it seems so coincidental. :/ and the fear that I instead got it from her. I shall add that before the girl in London I had not been sexually active for almost 2 years...... Which seems more logical to you doctor considering the information regarding timing i provided about who I contracted this from? Many thanks

Please follow instructions on this link to attach a pic here:

If she did not have active lesions, then the risk of transmission is low with use of condoms.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok but what about 5 months for an initial outbreak? is that normal?

Yes that is possible with herpes having a long incubation period.
You do have unprotected sexual intercourse with your current girlfriend.
If she had prior exposure to herpes, that can be transmitted even without any symptoms by the way.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok Dr. here are two pictures. The 3 on my shaft in the second picture only developed about 3 days ago. Maybe I need to accept logic. I guess it is more realistic I contracted this from the one night stand in London :/

Yes this looks like herpes.
However it can still be bacterial infection --hair follicle infection.
Better to get this checked by your doctor.
In case, it is heres, unprotected sex more than one time with same partner is more likely the cause than just one night stand with condom.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It just seems too coincidental that both these girls would have herpes :/ when the first one confirmed it...... Could the "shaving rash" my girlfriend now has actually be an outbreak she is unaware of?? It seems quite prominent and came on quite suddenly and I developed symptoms at that exact same time :/... just wish I knew, but I guess I can never be certain

Yes that is quite possible.
I will suggest both of you to get tested for herpes for confirmation.