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My son when born was left with metabolic acidosis and

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Hi my son when born was left with metabolic acidosis and deranged clotting for 3 and a half hours. Over the three hours his CAP gasses was. 20:48 Ph: 7.01 PC02 :9.16 P02: 5.43 BE -13.6 lac: 17
21:36 PH:7.14 PC02:4.96 P02:4.82 BE:15.3 lac:20
23:59 PH:7.08 PC02: 2.89 p02:7.54 BE:21.8 lac:24
His gasses continue in a similar manner but attention to address them began around midnight . My some suffered widespread bilateral PVL , bleeds and Hydrocephalus as a result. could this period of time have caused it as he was born neurologically normal and all ultrasound scans indicate it happened around the time of birth?


I am sorry to hear about your son,

It is possible that low oxygen to the brain has resulted in PVL.

It can be very difficult to know the exact time when this has occurred.

The reason for the acidosis and clotting is probably the reason why all these problems have occurred.

Warm regards

Dr Gupta, MD

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