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On the 7th of August i got very close with a guy we was

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On the 7th of August i got very close with a guy we was naked and was rubbing really close, his private part did touch mine and we Was grinding etc , we did not have sex but I am not sure if his pre cum went inside me or not I didn't see any pre cum just guessing , he did not Ejaculate.
On the 13th August I had sex with another guy and he Ejaculated indie of me I took a morning after pill on Monday 15th which didn't work , on the 2nd of September I found out I was pregnant.
I am now 9 weeks pregnant today date Friday 30th September 2016 My due date was set for 5th may 2017 when I go on conception calculators site online a lot of them say I conceived 12th August which would be a day before I had sex does that mean Sprem did get inside me on 7th and lived up on till the 12th August ?
The first day of my last period was 1st August but my due date take the first of my last period to the 29th July
I had an early scan and they measured the Baby and gave me the due date of 5th May 2017
So my question is who is the father?

Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you. I am a board certified consultant with over 30 years of experience.
I understand your concern.

Well possibly the guy you had sex on 13th August is the father of your baby as per your LMP was 1st August and you were ovulated on 13 th August.

Let me know if you have any further query so we can discuss it thoroughly in every aspect.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for getting back but my due date is the 5th May 2017 which will change my period to an incorrect date.What are the chance of the guy been the father that I mess around with and didn't have sex with ? Just my due date and the baby Messurements are making me question everything
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
because you said possibly the guy I had sex with on the 13th does that mean the guy I guy I got close with on the 7th could be the father ?

Thanks for the follow-up.

Well without ejaculation,chances of getting pregnant with first guy(7th Aug) are less if you are sure he didn't ejaculate inside you.

As you know your LMP which was 1st Aug so you had ovulated on 13th Aug and sex with second guy.

Measurement of fetus and estimated due date have some errors and these are not 100 % accurate.

I am a board certified consultant/Radiologist with over 30 years of experience.

And second guy is most likely your baby's father.

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No I am 100% sure 1st guy 7th August didn't not ejaculate inside me he didn't ejaculate at all , my concern was pre cum I hear it could have traces of Sprem it in, and because we was grinding and his private parts did touch and was very close to mine was sure if his pre cum went up me and they say Sprem cam live for 3 to 7 days researching on the Internet .
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The 2nd guy I had sex with on the 13th just very surprised I got pregnant right away which would explain why the morning after pill never worked . Did the pill never with due to the fact I was already ovulating ?

There is often sperm in pre-ejaculate/precum.

However, there is not a lot of sperm, and also the sperm is not shot forward into the vagina, so pregnancy is less likely.

Yes,you had already ovulated on 13th Aug.

For 100 % confirmation,go for paternity test.

Hope this helps.

It's my privilege to help you if you have any further query regarding your this health issue.
May I help you further?
Waiting for your response

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Last question and you have answered everything which has been great .If for any reason the Sprem did get up me on the 7th via his Precum could it have lived inside of me on till the dayI ovulated ?If there chances are that high that it comes down to a paternity test I will not be able to proceed with the pregnancy .

In most of the cases,sperm usually die within 5 days.

In very few cases,they live up to 7 days if there is proper ejaculation.

So chances of sperm in precum lived till 13th Aug are very less.

Hope this helps.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you , you have been very helpful

Thank you for the words of appreciation.
Also you have not rated so far.
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Kind Regards

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How do o leave a rating can't see where