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I have a severe constant pain whenever I'm sitting down,

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I have a severe constant pain whenever I'm sitting down, it's on the upper
left side of my abdomen, it's always in the same place. I showed the location of the pain to my GP and he said it's the spleen. This place hurts when I'm using my laptop or when
I'm watching TV orwhen I'm sitting on the bus. The pain is related to muscle movement and
positional. Sometimes I get sharp stabbing pain on the left side of
my stomach. The pain seems to dissapear after I stand up. I know it's not my stomach because when I eat, I can feel the food go down my system normally but then I sometimes get the upper left abdominal pain, it is different I can feel the stomach processing food and the upper left abdominal pain both at the same time, and they are in two different locations.1) Should I see a Neurologist or Gastroenterologists?
2) What tests would a Gastroentrologist do? I've had normal blood tests done and it all came out fine. I'm having an Ultrasound scan soon.

An ultrasound would help to evaluate the spleen, but you should ask your GP about an abdominal CT which will provide much more detailed information about all the internal organs. If there is suspicion of a colonic process (eg. cramping, diarrhea, black stool, etc) you should also consider a colonoscopy. This provides important information about what is going on inside the colon, which is not well visualized on CT or ultraound. Colonoscopy is done by Gastroenterologists.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I eat and excrete fine, there is no problem there. The problem is when I sit down, the upper left abdominal pain starts. It's only in the seating position, the pain isn't there when I stand up or lie down flat

I would advise you get a CT scan. That will provide the answer.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did legal research on case reports where the claimant won their claim regarding the injury they suffered
from as a result of Hepatitis B vaccine. 5 out of 11 case reports I found were Nerve or muscle related. That's why I feel I should also see a Neurologist

Good idea.

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