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I have Bursitus in my elbow since yesterday, my elbow is

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I have Bursitus in my elbow since yesterday, my elbow is painful and swollen what is the
best home treatment

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just to clarify do you have this problem before as well and how are you confident and sure that it is bursitis and nothing else ?

This information will help me in answering your question


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Dr Ehtiisham I had Bursitis in the same elbow around 5 years ago, I can not think of anything I have physically done out
of the ordinary recently.

Thanks for the information

It is possible that you might have bursitis once again as recurrence of bursitis is known to occur. If it is bursitis it will get better by applying ice,taking NSAID like Advil or Motrin and gentle physiotherapy.

The other thing to consider with a painful and swollen joint is a joint infection or septic arthritis. This can not be and should not be treated at home as infection if left untreated can lead to complications .

Another thing to consider is a local skin infection or cellulitis which again require antibiotic to get rid of the infection .

I would suggest that you take Advil or Motrin and get it examined as if it is not bursitis then other possibilities need to be ruled out at the earliest .

Good luck

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