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I had an ECG in February as my daughter had just been

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Hi, I had an ECG in February as my daughter had just been diagnosed with Wolf Parkinson White syndrome. My GP said it showed something she thought was abnormal, but said she would send it to my daughter's local paediatrician to check. He seemed to say it was normal. However, on returning to my GP last week to say that I'm very breathless and I feel my heart is working too hard, she showed me my ECG which said that it is "consistent with anteroseptal infraction". My daughter is going to the Evelina hospital on monday to see her new consultant and my GP suggested I show the ECG to him. She is also organising a 24 hours monitor for me. However, now I'm quite scared about my heart and wonder whether I should be asking for a referral to a heart specialist as soon as possible. I'm 45, non-smoker, hardly drink, slim and try to keep fit although I've always found this a struggle.. What adivce do you have?

hi there,

i am online and will be happy to answer all you questions.

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diagnosis on ekg paper is made and written by machine and is more often than not is incorrect. so do not go by that diagnosis. you should get it read and repeat by cardiologist. i strongly doubt that it is true, because aterior wall MI usually have severe chest pain and does not go unnoticed by patient. although in diabetics , one can have silent MI.

if at any time you feel chest pain, shortess of breath, needing more pillows to sleep on, shoulder/jaw pain, you should go to emergency department right away.

i hope this helps. please let me know if you have any questions. kindly click on accept if this answered your query.

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