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I wish to know if their is a medical condition for men

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i wish to know if their is a medical condition for men regarding over weight women . i do not find my wife sexually attractive anymore , over the last 2 years since married she has gone from 9.5st slim to 11 and is only 5ft2 . to be honest i have never been attracted to over weight women in my entire life . and at times just thinking about it my me feel pyhically sick .
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i do love my wife dearly , but since the decline with our sexual side of life , she has become very intimidating and making all sorts of accusations , ie me been unfaithful and distant , distant yes i have , unfaithful never . she does know i do not like over weight women . yet to be treated with suspicion is really becoming annoying and upsetting .

Hello from JustAnswer.

There is no medical condition that would cause a man to find overweight women unattractive. It is a personal and social perspective. If the situation is causing either of you to have symptoms, there may be a diagnosis related to the symptoms, such as anxiety or depression, but this would be the result of the situation, not the cause of the situation.

Even without symptoms being present, if this is creating difficulty in the relationship, then it may help to seeks counseling as a couple.

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