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I am currently 7 months into a bout of depression brought on

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I am currently 7 months into a bout of depression brought on by a marriage separation, prior to this I had been low and over the last 4 years have suffered from two bought of anxiety and depression. During this period I have functioned very well, both within my family and at work in my own business. There have been times when I can do no wrong and am a great person to be with and endeavour to move our company in new directions. During these time I am almost euphoric with drive and verve and not tired at all, but it is at these time that I am at my worst in relationships with my family. I can build them up and take them on the crest of the wave I am creating only to become very quickly irritable and upset them. Mood swings are also common during these times. Our business is what I would call successful but very pressured,it is run from home with my wife and I working in spare bedroom of our house. We don't do much else apart from work and have no circle of friends. On several occasions my wife has said that I may be Bipolar, but I have refuted this as well as denied it due to our business being within childcare. My view has been that I would be exempted from working in this industry should I be diagnosed with any sort of mental illness. I am at the end of my tether in fact I may have slipped off, what do I do?

Hello from JustAnswer.

Are there specific episodes that makes you wife think that you may be bipolar?

If so, could you describe these episodes?

What treatment is being done for the depression?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The reason my wife thinks I may be Bipolar are that my mood swings happen when I am in a happy state of mind. In the past I have arranged for the family to go out for the day to the beach or to the countryside, it will be all planned and that at the last moment I get angry and get everybody out of the car and in to the house.Once in the house and everyone is in tears I have great remorse and get them back into the car and continue with the day. I was feeling stressed, the angry, then remorseful. I will say things that used people, about their appearance, the children room may not be tidy, that they are talking when I am doing something, just very random interjections, but always when I'm happy or content.
Up until now I have done nothing about the depression but I am going to see a nurse at my doctors surgery.

The mood swing that you describe are not necessarily bipolar symptoms. Sudden mood swings can be called many things, but frequently is called a labile mood or emotional lability. Emotional lability can occur with depression, and is not necessarily a sign of bipolar disease.

Bipolar disease is characterized by periods of excessively elevated mood. Everyone will have some variation in mood at various times and from day to day, and that is normal. Therefore, there is a range of moods that would be considered normal, although the specific upper and lower limits of the mood is not always easy to specifically characterize. A mood that is low compared to the normal range is considered a sign of depression, while a mood that is elevated compared to the normal range would be considered mania.

While it can be very difficult to identify when someone is having a mood that is too high, there ae other symptoms that can be associated with manic episodes. Common symptoms associated with manic episodes include a decreased need for sleep (which is different than difficulty sleeping, a common symptom of depression), rapid and pressured speech, extravagant spending, particularly of money that you cannot realistically spend, or excessive sexual behavior.

Do you recall any episodes in which you may have had any of these associated symptoms?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
to several of those listed.I can speak very quickly and talk over others especially family members. Extravagant spending is subjective but I would say know, although on occasions have been for our circumstance been lavish rather than reckless. My sex drive does increase during these times and I know that I try to get my wife to indulge in something different for added stimulation, but always only between the two of us.

If you are having several of these associated symptoms, that would be more worrisome for bipolar disease than the mood swings, per se. Mood swings can be present in depression, with swings between normal and low mood. And for someone struggling with chronic depression, a mood swing up to the normal range may appear to be an elevated mood for them. But if the mood swings are between high and low moods, and the periods of high mood also have several of these symptoms, that would be worrisome for bipolar disease.

As for what to do, it is critical that you seek proper medical care. A proper diagnosis requires a more detailed and personal assessment than can be done over the internet. And regardless of whether the diagnosis is depression or bipolar disease, treatment can be oriented towards whichever condition is present.

There is less of a stigma associated with mental health diagnoses than was once true, but to whatever extent there remains a stigma, there will be a much greater impact if a mental health disorder is not addressed and something untoward occurs. Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment is generally a better sign than not addressing the problem. Many people with mood disorders can be managed by their primary care doctor and support staff, although some people need referral, either for counseling or more advanced medicine management.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your advice, it has been very helpful, I just hope I can resolve my issues and save my marriage along with the family. As I am scheduled to visit my primary care providers today, so it may be prudent to be guided by them, for the moment.
I am sorry about the delays in my reply but I am in the office with my wife (working as we have done relentlessly for the last 12 years) and it has been difficult to respond promptly. I only wish is that I discovered your advice several years ago, rather than wasting time and money on non-medical counselling that did not seek to advise me towards medical help despite being presented with the same facts. Much more importantly and tragically they could have cost me my marriage in no doing so. Once again thank you, ***** *****'t know how that this will play out and I am terrified as a result, but hopefully you have done me a great service over these few emails. ***** *****house.
I have paid for these series of emails, can you tell me if I have signed up for monthly payments, as I do not want to do that at the moment?

You are very welcome, and I hope that everything gets better soon. Please remember to provide a positive rating so that I am credited for assisting you.

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