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Dr. Ravoof
Dr. Ravoof, Doctor
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I have severe generalised anxiety disorder and am on

Customer Question

hello i have severe generalised anxiety disorder and am on medication i was told by my doctor that he would prescribe xanax for when i needed them but never did.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting Justanswer.

I understand your situation and feel that your doctor may have forgotten to prescribe and will do this if you contact him. Or if you cannot contact your doctor then please take your medical records and go to an urgent care clinic or an ER. You don't have to continue suffering and with medications your symptoms will decrease. However for long term treatment you need therapy.

If you are an anxious person please read the below linked book since this will be very helpful to you:
Also please do mindfulness practice for a few minutes every day. Use the guided audios below:
You will benefit more if you also consult a therapist. Make sure that the therapist is experienced in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).
Take care.
It is a privilege answering your question.
Thank you.
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