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I have been on the same dose of levothyroxine for under

Customer Question

I have been on the same dose of levothyroxine for under active thyroid for 22 years and it has been check regularly. The last time it was checked the results came back according to a new Doctor we have, as 'too high' so he put me on 100mcgs when previously I had been on 150 mcg.....I felt dreadful, like I was walking through treacle, was constantly constipated, put half a stone on in weight in just 3 weeks without eating more. I couldn't understand how that dose could make me feel so bad..but I persisted with regular check up tests..and they all say I am taking too much at over 100mcg levothyroxine. Now on my last test, my Doctor says i need to be on 100 mcg levothyroxine but have two days a week on only 75 mcg. This sounds unbearably low when I am struggling on this lower dose in the first place. I have a healthy diet and am 59 yrs old, post menopause and my husband says he wants his wife back (this is the one woman I was when I was on 150mcg a day!) I was normally alert, outgoing and happy with my weight and slept well but now I want to sleep in daily and am getting more overweight. My other tests, BP, good, Cholesterol, good, and kidney function has just hit the stage where they start checking on it, its Ok. What I am curious about is why would my thryroid levels change (rise) at this time of life? Can this be right?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DR. EHTISHAM replied 1 year ago.

Hello! My name is***** to JustAnswer. I'm reviewing your question now, and will post back with your reply momentarily.

Expert:  DR. EHTISHAM replied 1 year ago.

Do you have the results of your thyroid function tests with you and if you can share the report here ?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No sorry I don't, got them by phone today and have previously also had them over the phone but I can get a copy and then come back another day if that would be more helpful?
Expert:  DR. EHTISHAM replied 1 year ago.

Yes sure I will like to see the results and then will advise you accordingly


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you but someone else answered my question before I saw your response.