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My last question was regarding doxycycline that I had taken

Customer Question

My last question was regarding doxycycline that I had taken after a sexual encounter.
I had developed an itchy anus and slightly numb but little itchy pen is on the out side with a red patch.
I felt possibly herpes thanks to google. I put yeast infection cream on the itchy red foreskin. This helped. I tried it also on the anal itch which helped a little but not completely.
I have now found that about 6 days after finishing the doxycycline that I am having increased bowel movement with very clay coloured stool ( not diarrhoea) and at night am having increased urination. I am still having a numb feeling in penis with an occasional tingle at the tip of pennis manly after urination. Also an occasional short lived area of dull itch/pain on foreskin near head that disappeared as soon as I rub touch the area. Dull pain in lower abdomen and around my groin mainly just to right of penis base.
There is no pain urinating no discharge and no pain during bowel movement.
Can't feel lymph nodes inflamed.
My fear is this could be herpes. Does this sound possible. Even though no sores appearing.
I have done several home test kits for gonorrhoea chlymidia and syphillis. (Swab type with the red mark. Like pregnancy test pad palette ) all been negative.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

Hello from JustAnswer.

This would not be a common presentation for herpes. Herpes can cause some of these symptoms, but there would usually be an associated sore. Some of these symptoms would clearly not be from herpes, such as the clay coloured stool (which is primarily a concern for liver or gallbladder disease).

Since you ask if it is possible, the answer would be yes, because herpes could be a cause for tingling anywhere in the genital or anal area, but it would not be likely.