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Working in the bedroom moving a set of draws my wife noticed

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working in the bedroom moving a set of draws my wife noticed a large black mark on my back resting this black mark slowly faded away.but i must say i have had cancer and had treatment is this anything to worry about.


welcome to JA, I am a physician and would be your expert today.

I have a few quick questions.

Did your treatment involve Radiotherapy?

Are you taking any blood thinners?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
i did have radiotherapy a few months ago only take asprinin

The black patch may have been ecchymosis, which is a form of extravasation of blood under the skin. Usually, as the blood which is red stays for a period it turns from red to blue and then black. And may begin to fade as the body reabsorbs the blood (like the back and blue eyes after injury) It is normal if it occurs where there has been prolonged pressure, like resting back on an uneven surface for a long period. It may also be an indication that the clotting mechanism is not functioning well.

The commonest abnormalities are

  • ​Low platelet count in persons who had chemotherapy and OR radiotherapy
  • Persons taking blood thinners including Aspirin
  • Persons with blood disorders like Leukemia or lymphoma
  • Persons with liver disorders

​I would advise that you make an appointment with your GP to do another blood count, and include liver function tests and PT/PTT/ INR which checks your blood clotting.

If it happen again, you may have to go to the emergency for more urgent tests

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