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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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I have a couple of things one to do with high blood glucose

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Good evening
So I have a couple of things one to do with high blood glucose and one with being silly and receiving unprotected oral and protected sex with a girl I meet out
So a few weeks ago I started feeling unwell after having large meals and after having a sugery chocolate or drink I would get blurry vision for a short period. I always had a very dry mouth with a slight metallic taste. Also started to urinate a bit more.
Bit of research and I concluded high blood glucose.
Finally I got a little at home blood tester.
My first test was last Monday morning after fasting
It came out at a high 140mg.
I work at sea and not getting a lot of exercise I've been back on land and done a bit of exercise eating less and healthy. I done a fasting test yesterday and now down to 125mg.
Would this be considered being diabetic or is this high level glucose reversible
Then silly last Wednesday I was out and ended up going out and of course meeting a girl had protected sex but I received unprotected oral from her.
Saturday it then seemed I had even a greater urge to urinate.
I'm worried I may have caught gonorrhea as I'm aware this makes you urinate a lot.
It's not just an urge with no action I do urinate a fair amount out not just a dribble.
I have no burning or pain while passing and no puss. The urine colour is generally very clear with only small particles floating sometimes.
Unfourtunatly a local doctor to get tested is a week away.
I did take 1g Zithromax last night Sunday just in case but I still
Have a frequent urination.
the sudden ramp up in need to
Urinate after the sexual encounter has what's got me worried about gonorrhea.
My mouth was lest dry for the weekend but defiantly dry again.
I guess I'm really looking to see if I should be worried about an std
I know the glucose is something I need to work on.

Hello I'm Dr Chip

You really don't have any of the typical symptoms for gonorrhea--that typically is a heavy urethral discharge and burning on urination

And unprotected oral sex would be extremely unlikely to give you gonorrhea unless the partner actually had an active oral gonorrhea infection

So basically the frequent urination is likely from your elevated blood glucose

Please let me know if you need any more information

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What would an active oral infection of gonorrhea be. Posdibly like strep throat
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The frequency and urge is dissipating today maybe because my glucose was down to 120 this morning. So that is dropping nicely but still a bit to go.

Yes--like a sore throat

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