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Can a child of 7 1/2 years whose mother has administered

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Can a child of 7 1/2 years whose mother has administered regularly at nights 2 teaspoons
of Calpol infusion at bedtimes to quell tantrums since the age of 2 be the reason for being diagnosed with serious Chrons affecting the whole of the intestines. Child complained of complaints of pains in stomach for 9 months - serious loss of weight! Now tubefed
and tests for 5 of 6 weeks.

This is Dr. David. I am reviewing your question now and will be with you momentarily.

I am sorry about the child's diagnosis of crohn's disease.

calpol infusions of the mother will not cause crohn's disease in the child

let me know if you have questions.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
What is the cause. The child's mother is a successful company barrister with a very short fuse never coping well with 2
children 7 & 5 working at different courts in England with 14 hrs preparation work at home for each client. Very good cook tends a veg garden - eco food but very little maternal instinct favouring younger boy Jamie - easy sunny disposition.
Celia is like her mother highly intelligent, can be difficult I think is rebelling as she receives more of her mother's volatility (
mother really requires aid for anger management physically and mentally - shouts a lot, smashes China etc.). Celia has a bit if a phobia about her mother coming and going from the house continually but is very sensible child with a sense of humour. Both children v. fond of 2 day a week Nanny.
Father an agriculture expert partner in law firm, also working 100 a re sheep farm which he and children love. Spends weekends outside with the children - takes them food shopping to give mother more time on computer a lot at week ends very good with them - child orientated thank goodness. Celia complaining of tummy pains on/ off 8/9 months - mother
quite cold - " don't fuss her she's attention seeking ". Mother received certificated training during 1 week tests and
exploratory operation in Leeds General Paediatric hospital now diligently caring for Celia. Grandmother - very intelligent and caring - over for 3 months now 1 month extra to housekeep. Celia was a very energetic bubbly child at her 7 th
birthday party beginning of April but gradually lost weight and mother eventually visited GP 7 August when child was
obviously v. ill. (mother is the boss - NO ONE dares contradict or defy her instructions - home often like an extension of
court room). Such a v. sad state of affairs! Heart, cancer and allergies in maternal g.mother's family - grandmother
had benign tumour removed from outer part of intestines 2 yrs ago. I'm other grandmother who really lives all children - I worked voluntarily on children's hospital ward 16 yrs play group. Mother keeps me at arm's length - thinks I'm too diffident - I'm usually only allowed to visit family 6/8 afternoons a year - v. difficult situation when I've always been willing and would love to help!
WHY has Celia developed Chron's at such a young age and what is the cause please?
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I don't want to experience fears of too much Calpol being administered or Celia contracting Chron's because she and
her brother live in a stressful home where Celia feels her mother is often cross with her. When they were younger and
they went into the study where mother was working she would grab her computer - sigh and rush out into another room
slamming the door! It's better for us all to think Celia was meant to contract Chron's and that is that, so to speak!!

we think that crohn's disease is caused by autoimmune disorder

where your body makes too many antibodies which can attack the bowel and cause bowel symptoms.

let me know if you have questions.

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