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Just had choking session on vomit because so nervous I can t

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just had choking session on vomit because so nervous I can t seem to eat and keep swallowing all the time - I couldn t breathe in or out - keep burping when try to eat - at wits end because losing weight and feel like I ll never be able to eat normally again.

Hello and welcome to JA. Dr Saleem here. Will be answering you shortly

Sorry to hear about that. Well ut sounds like you need an urgent upper GI endoscopy- a scope with camera is introduced into the food pioe to see where and why the food gets stuck. Possible causes include webs, strictures, cancer, divertuicula, achalasia etc.

Detailed history ,examination and endoscopy would help find out the exact cause. At your age we need to rule out malignancy especially with weight loss and inability to tolerate oral food.

For now try to take liquids or semisolid diet easy to swallow so as to avoid aspiration into the lungs which can lead to lung infection or pneumonia.

Taking pro motility drugs like domperidone or metoclopramide will help. Also omeprazole or any other antacid to help protect your food pipe from injury due to food coming up every time.

An urgent gastroenterology consult should be sought.

Let me know if you need any further help

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
is this nothing to do with nerves and expecting it to happen each mealtime

Until we dont rule out physical causes of dysphagia / difficult swallowing its premature to attribute it to nerves.

So we need to rule out important physical causes first.

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