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I thought I had the common sickness and diarrhoea bug for

Customer Question

I thought I had the common sickness and diarrhoea bug for this time of year, but I’ve now had it for over a week, and the pain in my upper stomach is still as bad as it was the first day. Although I’m not being sick anymore, I still do not feel well enough to eat properly, I can’t sleep; I feel constantly uncomfortable. I’m taking time off work and school that really isn’t beneficial right now and although I’m eager to get back to it, I simply can’t concentrate and just don’t feel at all well enough due to this pain. Sometimes it will settle down for 5-20 minutes and I feel much better, so I may eat or start doing something around the house but then it flares up again and I just ultimately feel imobile.
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr.M.D.Mazumdar replied 4 months ago.


It is likely that what you have now is gastritis - inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach wall . This is very common after viral infections of the gastro-intestinal system that you had earlier.

Please take Prilosec tablets, available without a prescription at any medical store - this will help decrease stoamch acid secretion and also decrease the inflammation.

Stick to a bland diet with minimal oil and fat . Drink plenty of fluids. Sipping cold water will help calm the stomach.

I hope this helps.

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