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I am just concerned I have had a bit of blood in my I am not

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Good morning, I am just concerned I have had a bit of blood in my spit I am not coughing up blood or have a cough but I am just concerned I haven’t anymore symptoms and it only happens now and again not all the time and it isn’t lots of blood just a shimmer of it but I am fine in myself, I am not sure if it’s coming from my mouth maybe but my tongue or something. Thank you


Welcome and thank you for the question.

If you are not coughing up blood, then the blood is not from the lungs or the lower respiratory tract. If the bleeding was from the upper respiratory tract, you would have a slight cough or discomfort in the throat. If you do not have that, then it is likely that the blood is from your mouth.

Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) can cause some mild bleeding. You will see it when you rinse your mouth in the morning or when you have not eaten or drank anything for quite some time. There may be no other symptoms of gingivitis like pain , toothache etc.

Please consult a dentist for a thorough checkup.

I hope this helps.
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