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I have ocular migraine most of the time I have the impaired

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I have ocular migraine most of the time I have the impaired vision, just occasionally I have a bad one, but last night was the worst first the impaired vision then profuse sweating, and weakness and completely disorientated with inability to stay awake. I have been to neurologist that confirmed I had this type of migraine and have had a brain scan that was all clear. I take a prescribed migraine tablet with the onset but last night did not work. Please can you help this has frightened me


Welcome to just answer

Could you give some more information regarding the ocular migraine -

- since when are you on treatment for ocular migraine?

- what medicines are you on?

- are you on any regular medicines or only on SOS ones?

- any other medication that you are on?

- what usually triggers and ocular migraine attack - sleepless night, travel, stress etc?


Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Approx. 5 years
Meloxicam for osteo arthritis 15mg
Paroxidine 20mg
Ad cal/d3 750/200 caplet
Ferrous sulphate 200mg
Furosemide 20mg
Zlmitriptan 2.5mg
B12 injection evey 3 months all regular medication on repeat
I do not sleep well can get to sleep but not stay asleep for more than 4hours and I do get stressed
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
No thank you to phone call

Thanks for the information

The treatment for ocular migraine, for that matter any migraine, consists of -

- treating the acute episode

- prevent further episodes

- long term medicines if the migraine attacks are frequent

Your doctor has given you Zolmitriptan to relieve the acute episode of ocular migraine. But it seems this medicine is not as effective as before. You might need a change in medicine. The other option at present if you are very uncomfortable is take any pain killer that is effective for you

Further episodes can be prevented by trying to pin point the triggers for the migraine attack and trying to avoid them. Also, there are medicines for long term migraine treatment like some beta blockers, Topomax, amytriptalin etc which reduce these episodes to a large extent.

In your case, irregular sleep seems to be the trigger. Measures like regular exercise, meditation, breathing exercises help in regulating sleep pattern and reducing migraine episodes.

Hope this information is helpful, do get back for more information


Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you can you just tell me if these bad symptons are part of a migraine I cannot understand what causes the sweats and disorientation

These may or may not be part of migraine.

They can be related to stress or anxiety also.

I would recommend you to get your blood pressure also checked to rule out any variation in BP


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