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I'm 35. I've been worrying about something over the past few

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Hello my name is*****'m 35. I've been worrying about something over the past few weeks. I've met a man who is very nice, I like him a lot and I do think he could be the one for me. The only thing is he told me before we had sexual contact that he has genital herpes. I thought a lot about him for been so honest, and I didn't think it really bothered me too much until I started to do a bit of research about it. I do suffer from anxiety so I can easily worry about things. When I was researching about herpes, I read that if you have HPV also, the two can work together to cause cervical cancer. I have been tested for HPV last year and it came back negative. Does this mean I dont have HPV or could it be laying dorment in my body? If it is, then could getting herpes re-activate HPV and eventyally cause cancer. I know I can worry easy and make things a bigger deal than they are with my anxiety issues. I need to make sure that if I move forward with this man and I catch herpes from him, can it cause any serious health issues like cancer? I can cope with herpes breakouts if I have to, as I do like this man a lot. Just need to get some reassurance from a professional. Thank you so much

Hi Tina

I assume they did a PCR test for HPV-these detects the genetic material of particular high risk strains. While nothing is 100% in life, that test is ~95% accurate in detecting particular high strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer- a negative test means it is highly unlikely that you have particular "high risk " strains. But it does NOT detect ALL strains of HPV, including "low risk " strains, that are unlikely to lead to cancer, or that may cause genital warts. So you being told you were "negative" means you are low risk for cancer- it does not completely mean you do have ANY strains of HPV.

Regardless, if you acquired HSV, as long as you don't also newly pick up the high risk strains of HPV, then your risk for cancer will remain low.

As an aside, you don't have to absolutely get herpes either just from being with him sexually. Condoms can lower the risk, certainly avoiding sex if/ when he has an outbreak , and there is a medication Valtrex, which also can lower your chance of picking up herpes

I hope that helps

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you for your quick response. So if I were to get herpes, it's not the end of the world is it? I suppose there is much worse things to get. Yes I'm sure it was a PCR test that I got to check for HPV.
So just to make sure, the genital herpes virus can't cause any serious health issues?
Thanks again

Well I wouldn't go out of my way to GET herpes- it can cause pain, discomfort and is not pleasant. Most times an initial infection tends to be more severe than recurrent outbreaks, but for people who get recurrent outbreaks, it tends to be somewhat mild in general.

The risk to an otherwise healthy adult is fairly low- but there are rare complications- including affecting the bladder, causing meningitis, or infecting a baby if you were pregnant. But these are uncommon complications, although they can indeed be serious in those who get it

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Okay. Thanks so much for your help x

You are very welcome- Good luck and glad I could help

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