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Just under two weeks ago I was lying in bed and turned on my

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Hi,Just under two weeks ago I was lying in bed and turned on my side to speak to my partner when I felt a sudden painful stinging in my left kidney area which then seemed to move it’s way across and down to my groin within the space of 1-2 minutes, I then instantly had the urge to urinate. When I urinated, I experienced quite a bit of blood in my urine. The first night I had to urinate many times after constantly feeling an irritation that made me feel the need to go. During this time I also felt a stinging sensation at the tip of my penis.Over the span of four days this improved and the blood lessened each time, eventually with a minimal amount of blood when I first started which almost immediately turned to clear urine for the remainder until I finished.I feel much better than I did, however I’m still experiencing stinging/aching sensations in my penis a few times a day and have the sensation to urinate more frequently. While urinating it does not sting, however at the point of ejaculation the whole of my penis is sensitive and painful. The pain soon eases after, but at that moment feels very sore. My left testical aches a little more than usual and occasional feel a slight discomfort in the area above my penis and just to the left.My initial thoughts seeing that that pain started from the kidney area was passing Kidney stones but wondered if it’s an infection.Would love your medical thoughts on this. I wondered if perhaps time would cure this as I’m feeling much better than I did, but I don’t want to ignore it incase there is a more serious underlying problem.Thanks

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you

The description you mentioned is most likely one of a small stone or concretion which has passed from kidney to ureter and then the urethra

When such a stone pass on its way it can damage the urethra or ureter causing pain and blood in urine

Usually there is a risk of infection due to damage to the lining ureter and urethra

In your case I would still want you to wait since you don,t have any fever which is seen mostly in case of infection

I would suggest you to just keep yourself well hydrated and take anti-inflammatory like Motrin for few days and see how it goes

Most likely you will be fine and your symptoms will go away

If they don,t and you notice worsening then a visit to doctor for urinalysis to rule out infection and ultrasound and X-ray KUB (kidney,ureter,bladder) to look for stones will be helpful

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you very much for your response, it's very much appreciated and I will rate you now. Thanks