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I am looking at having an early warning device for syncope

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hello I am looking at having an early warning device for syncope for parents with children who have syncopeWould a device that measures BP and heart rate suffice and what range of both would indicate an imminent onset of syncope? Is there anything else that would be an indicator ?What are the devices out there that i can use to monitor signs

This is Dr. David. I am reviewing your question now and will be with you momentarily.

syncope means fainting which is rare in children.

there are many different causes of fainting or syncope for children.

children can faint or have seizures and still have nomral blood pressure and heart rate or can have fast heart rate or slow heart rate or low or high blood pressure.

what may be better would be a device which could measure sudden heart rate and blood pressure changes

and also could measure motion or lack of motion and would set up an alarm if there was no motion for a few seconds.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thank you - are there devices out there that can monitor sudden changes in heart rate or blood pressure? Because that is what I am looking at identifying

there are some small monitors for children and infants

but they are not medical to measure blood pressure or heart rate.

there are not devices which can measure these things as blood pressure has to be monitored by a blood pressure cuff.

heart rate can be monitored by a heart lead or a finger pulse oximeter

but there is nothing commercial to buy which can do all of these things.

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