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I am concerned that my urine is turning very dark after

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I am concerned that my urine is turning very dark after exercising.
I have had blood and urine tests undertaken and the results are fine apart from my PSA level which was at 7.10 against recommended 6.51
Again this morning after an hours running and jogging I noticed that my urine was a reddish -black in colour and only cleared after I had drank several litres of water. This condition has only developed over the last 3 months since moving to Indonesia.
Do I have a serious problem ,ashley rolfe age 75


Welcome to just answer

If your urine becomes dark ONLY after exercise, then the cause is most probably release of myoglobin in blood stream which occurs after muscle breakdown. Myoglobin turns the urine color dark. If this is a continuous process, then you might be having Rhabdomyolysis. This is again, breakdown of muscle after injury/exercise etc. Excessive myoglobin can affect the kidneys. I would recommend you to consult your medical specialist for a detailed evaluation and further treatment depending on confirmation of diagnosis.

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