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I had a medical termination in December which did not work

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I had a medical termination in December which did not work and caused me to have severe abnormal bleeding and ended up in hospital. I then had an ultrasound which confirmed I had 2cm RPOC that should come out naturally, however I again had severe abnormal bleeding where I was taken to hospital again. They did not scan me to confirm whether it was the RPOC. I then paid to have a transvaginal ultrasound which confirmed the uterus was filled with fluid (blood) and the RPOC was still there. I went to A&E and they performed an ultrasound guided D&C 2 days later. I had a transvaginal and normal ultrasound where they confirmed it was removed and only a small amount of blood remained. I stopped bleeding and spotting about 6 days after and now I am 11 days post, and go on holiday for 2 weeks today which is causing me SEVERE anxiety about having the bleeding again even though the gynae said I was fine to go away and can go on as normal now... I am anxious about every feeling I have and am hyper conscious about any twinge etc.. I haven’t had any pain but I just wondered whether it would be worth going for another ultrasound today before I go on holiday?

I​ would say that it depends on how much trust and confidence you have in your gynaecologist and the last ultrasound you had. Your previous abnormal bleeding was due to the remaining products of conception that remained inside your uterus after the termination attempt. Since there is no longer POC inside the uterus, there should no longer be the same risk of bleeding. I agree with your doctor that you can go on holiday. Further bleeding is quite unlikely.

If it would ease your anxiety to have another ultrasound, perhaps it might be worthwhile for you. Otherwise it would probably be a waste of money. Best regards.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Ok thank you, ***** ***** trust the gynae especially as he scanned me then looked with a smear type instrument and then scanned again. I’m just so worried and have been very on edge especially as I’ve been told twice before I am fine (even though I know why I wasn’t in the end). Thank you :)

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