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My wife went to visit her GP this morning with a number of

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My wife went to visit her GP this morning with a number of what she thought minor complaints.Tiredness - extreme most of the time
Headaches at the side of her head and base of neck
Tingly numbness in her cheeks 2 - 3 times a day
Muscle aches
Feeling fuzzy and sometimes not fully aware of what's going on around her
More recently, feeling clumsy and a little off balance
She always feel cold, even when inside and in hot conditionsMy wife said the GP was very vague but made an appointment for tests, scans and to see a consultant this afternoon at the local hospital - this is unusual in Ireland. The hospital called and changed the appointment to tomorrow morning to do a CT scan.My questions is: given the symptoms, what illnesses are considered likely? I ask so that we can stop worrying about the worst unnecessarily or prepare for something more serious if likely.Any advise while not taken as a medical diagnosis would be greatly appreciate.ThanksMark.

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Has she been told to do a CT Scan brain?

Which kind of specialist she has been referred to?


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hello Doctor. To be honest I'm not sure. Initially she was told the appointment was for scans and to see a consultant, it was that vague. Then the hospital called and said they wanted to do a CT scan and changed the appointment to tomorrow morning. Usually in Ireland the doctor sends off a written referral and an appointment is made later. My wifes concern I think stems from the swiftness of the doctor calling during the consultation to make the appointment on the same day.

Thanks for the information

I think in the given circumstances I would check her for any thyroid hormone imbalance as hypothyroidism can be responsible for such symptoms

Secondly I would do a CT scan of brain considering headache and non specific symptoms like tingling and dizziness

Thirdly I would check her blood count as some time anemia can be the cause of such symptoms

I guess these are the things which she has been evaluated for in my opinion

As I can not examine her so can not say with surety why all this has been done so quickly but these are the things or diagnosis which should be considered for evaluation

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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
She thinks the doctor considered hypothyroidism.I guess our main concern would be a CT scan of the brain. What would they be looking for - something that can be fixed with drugs or an illness more likely to need surgery?

I think the CT scan is done just to make sure that there is nothing wrong in the brain but the main diagnosis is hypothyroidism

She does not seems to have more classical symptoms of a brain disorder and CT scan is perhaps done to be absolutely certain about it

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