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My friend is due to have surgery for her completely ruptured

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Hi there.My friend is due to have surgery for her completely ruptured supscapularis. She has also been having huge pain in her arm which, until now, everyone has been attributing to referred pain from the shoulder.Recently the Physio mentioned that he had seen on notes from the consultant surgeon who will perform the operation (which is on the NHS in Uk so she won’t see the surgeon now before the day of the op) that she has subluxation of the biceps tendons and that the surgeon will need to cut the bicep. This seems extreme and unecessary and she is now terrified. Can you shed any light on possible treatment protocol for ruptured subscapuiaris together with subluxed biceps tendon?
Many thanks

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So the subscapularis lies under the long head of the biceps and when it ruptures or tears along with dislocation of the long head of the biceps the surgeon has to do a tenodesis of the long head of the biceps tendon. The surgeon does this to relocate the long head in to its original position after the sunscapularis is repaired. So, the surgeon is not going to cut the biceps tendon or make it dysfunctional. At the end of the surgery the surgeon will put everything back together again like it is supposed to be. Again, tenodesis means to strengthen a dislocated tendon. It involves putting sutures through it and may involve cutting but only to fix it later on. It is a necessary step for subscapularis repair.

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