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Dr. Tharun
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I have been told I have an inflamed gallbladder by my

Customer Question

I have been told I have an inflamed gallbladder by my doctor. The symptoms have been coming and going for a few months. I started with c and d and they thought it was a stomach bug but after tests and an ultrasound they found my gallbladder was inflamed. My right side is sore and I am getting back ache and pain in my right groin and leg. After a few weeks feeling rubbish then feeling fine for a few weeks I’m back to feeling rubbish again. There was mention of ibs too? Please help!
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 11 months ago.
Welcome to JA and thank you for the question. I am Dr.Tharun and will help you with your question today.
Can you specify your age and gender?
Are you diabetic?
Do you have a fever when the symptoms come ?
Any vomiting or excessive burping or flatulence?
Please let me know.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I am female and 30 years old. I am not diabetic, I have been tested for this. I think my temperature is higher than usual when I have d. I have a lot of flatulence.
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 11 months ago.
Did you ever do a ct scan of the abdomen?
Have you ever considered surgery ?
Did you try antibiotics?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I had an ultrasound of the abdomen and ovaries which only showed an inflamed gallbladder. No surgery has been mentioned and no antibiotics has been given. I was just told to take paracetamol or ibuprofen
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 11 months ago.


Inflamed gall bladder usually refers to infection of the gall bladder also known as cholecystitis. It is treated with antibiotics and painkillers.

If it subsides for good , we can wait and watch or go for interval cholecystectomy - surgical removal of gall bladder. But as a rule of thumb - definitive treatment for cholecystitis is gall bladder removal.

Just plain painkillers may not suffice, if it is indeed gall bladder inflammation. The most common cause for gall bladder inflammation is stone in the gall bladder.

If there is any doubt that there is another reason for pain - a CT scan of the abdomen should be done. It may find out other reasons for your pain like kidney stone etc.

I suggest you to discuss these options with your doctor and clarify the further steps in getting you healthy again.

If you have any questions , please let me know.