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DrVasavada, Doctor
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Experience:  MD(Ped), DCH ; in practice treating adolescent to newborns
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I am concerned that I have a problem with my 'liver'..... my

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I am concerned that I have a problem with my 'liver'..... my symptoms are: I have an enormokus stomach (it is not normal for me as I am a petite lady and I was a size 8-10 before my stomach swelled up (been like it for over a year!!!), I honestsly look as if I am pregnant and for a 68 year old it is really depressing and worrying, another symptom is that I have chronic severe itching - off and on over the past 2 years the top half of my body occasionally erupts into scratching itches on my arrms, shoulders, chest etc, after a while I can see strange white lumps appearring under the skin..... the itching brings me to tears (it is so bad!!), I have found that a bag of frozen vegetables does help and I also take 2 antihystemine tablets, however, it takes ages before the itching stops... to be perfectly honest, the itching is quite frightening..... I also feel sick or have a stomach ache in the morning....... I only eat once a day (I am a narcoleptic and also suffer from cataplexy and if I eat anything at all I immediately fall asleep... take 'Venlafaxine and Modafinol' for my cocndition... I also have a really bad back ache and I can only stand for about 3 minutes before I have to sit down.... even if I am sitting down I have found that if I lean forward I also suffer severe pain in my back (lower back right across from left to right of my body) - I have only had the back ache for the past 2 months!... I will be making an appointment to see my GP but I would like to know your opinion before my appointment? Do you think I could have a problem with my liver? (PS: I am currently suffering from depression and I am self-harming!). When I see a GP should I tell him/her all of my symptoms when he asks me what he can do for me? I am really concerned!!! (Note: I am allergic to certain things ie, various metals - the skin area reacts with pain/throbbing (ears) and then progresses to swelling and the issue is extremely painful; I have to cut ALL labels off that are inside clothes otherwise I have intense itching also small weepy spots emerge which turn into sores......... and I also have an allergy to the the colour 'Cobalt/Blue' ie, bubble baths etc, etc.... On the only occasion I was rushed into hospital as my whole body turned bright red (after a bubble bath which contained cobalt)... my face and other parts of my body swelled up so bad that I could actually see the sides of my face (without using a mirror)......... (I use 'Betnovate cream for the allergies) Please advise?
I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.
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Hi, thanks, ***** ***** your query, will be replying in few seconds please. DrVasavada

This drooping belly is age related due to lax abdominal muscles however an ultrasound of abdomen is required and then if all is well, you can use some garment support. Ab exercises will also help, like lifting upper torso while lying, without aid of hands as well as lifting both lower limbs off floor together or alternately.

For allergy you can get desensitized by immune building shots under care of allergy specialist.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for replying to my question... however you haven't mentioned the problem that I have with my back?..... I have read various information where all of my symptoms are relaated to liver problems.. also..... my belly is not just big - it is absolutely enormous and it is all infront not my hips etc, etc.... I am a very petite lady under 5 ft tall..... I have never suffered with weight gain in my life (I used to weigh 7 stone and had a perfect figure, however, the enormous lump (looks like I am 9 months pregnant) is so unlike me and is so depressing as I can not wear the clothes that I used to before the huge swelling/lump appeared? Incidentally, the itching is so, so very bad I could actually tear my skin off because it is so bad and begins for no reason... it is unbearable and that is an understatement!!!!! (So are you saying that my symptoms do NOT have anything to do with liver problems)? When I visit my GP should I mention all of my symptoms at the same time instead of mentioning each issue one at a time and the GP answering each issue seperately?

Belly drooping is due to deficit and weakness in musculature of front abdominal wall. Backache is reactionary symptom. Please try back strengthening exercises too like lifting shoulders while lying on tummy without help of arms, 5-10 times twice or thrice daily. Also lifting lower limbs in similar position same number of times.

DrVasavada, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 4400
Experience: MD(Ped), DCH ; in practice treating adolescent to newborns
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