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I have some questions I would like answered about abdomen

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I have some questions I would like answered about abdomen pain
Assistant: How long have you had the pain? What seems to make the pain better or worse?
Customer: Em it comes and goes and I’ve had it for a few months now
Assistant: Anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: high blood pressure
Hi...Welcome to Just Answer. I am Dr. Sumanth Amperayani and I am here to help you today. I have 14 years of experience in the field of Medicine at a tertiary care referral hospital. I will do my level best to alleviate your health concern. I am currently reviewing your question. I will be back in a moment to guide you further.
If you see a premium phone call request I suggest you ignore it - as the premium request of phone call was a system generated prompt and was not initiated by me. I would be glad to continue here please.
Kind regards - Dr. Sumanth Amperayani
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you
Hello... I understand your concern.
I need some more information please.
1. Is the pain abdomen associated with vomiting or diarrhea?
2. Is there any rash over the body?
3. Are there any joint pains and joint swellings?
4. Is there any family history of renal stones or gall stones?
5. Is there any family history of inflammatory bowel disease?
6. Is there any personal or family history of seizures?
7. Is there any family or personal history of migraine?
8. Has there been any recurrent or chronic fever?
9. Has there been any significant weight loss or loss of appetite?
10. Is it associated with any urinary abnormalities?
11. Is the pain occurring in spasms or consistent?
12. Is it associated with spicy diet or exotic food?
13.Is there any personal or family history of pancreatitis please?
Please get back to me with the above information so that I can guide you better.
Kind regards - Dr Sumanth Amperayani
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Apart from a slight stabbing pain in my stomach and sometimes back pain but not severe I don’t have any other symptoms! Im really a bit worried as I have noticed my stomach pulsating, could this be an aneurysm!? I’m 34 and over weight by about a stone! I only notice it pulsating when lying down
I am sorry for more questions -
1. Your age and gender please?
2. Is this symptom intermittent or consistent?
3. Are you a smoker?
4. Is there any personal or family history of abdominal aortic aneurysm?
5. Is there any personal or family history of Ehler Danlos syndrome or Marfan syndrome or connective tissue disorder or auto immune disorder please?
6. Are you a hypertensive or diabetic?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I’m 34 female, have high blood pressure but controlled by tablets since jan 2019 symptoms are intermittent tho I can see my belly pulsing all the time when lying down, no family history of them and I also would have a low platelet count! Usually sits around 80 but have had tests for that and it’s just an autoimmune problem
Thank you for getting back with the requested necessary information.

From your symptom analysis I feel that this is just a normal aortic pulsation which is felt by normal built individuals like you.

It is physiological and extremely common in general population.

I do not think we need to worry about AAA here. Please do remember that I am giving you my reassuring professional opinion after taking thorough medical history.

You do not have any risk factors either.

Be rest assured!

I sincerely hope that I have helped you, and that I have earned my 5 star rating today! Please remember to rate my service by selecting the 5 stars at the top of the screen (this is the only way we professionals get credited for our time and professional effort). We can continue here until you are satisfied, simply use the reply box and let me know.
A bonus is highly appreciated....Thank you!".
If you are happy with my interaction and guidance, next time if you have any health concern, you can approach me directly at the following link please -
Kind regards - Dr. Sumanth Amperayani
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I did have an ultrasound about 3 weeks ago to check for gastro problems would any problems like that have been picked up?!
Ultrasound would have picked an AAA 100%.

No chance an USG will miss an AAA which is causing visible pulsations please.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
it Was all around my stomach area as I’ve been having indigestion and bloating!
It might be stress or anxiety associated irritable bowel syndrome...but definitely not AAA please.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Perfect! Thank you so much for your advice! It was just a bit worrying when I noticed it pulsating but just wanted reassurance that the ultrasound scan I had on my upper abdomen would have picked up on it! As it’s digestive problems I’ve been having! Many thanks
May I request for a 5 - star positive rating so that I can get my professional credit please!
Dr.Sumanth and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
No problem
I am happy that my interaction was helpful for you and put your mind at ease. In future you can opt me as your favorite medical expert so that you can ask me a question directly. I will be happy to help anytime.
Kind regards - Dr Sumanth Amperayani