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Anthony Osula
Anthony Osula, General Physician
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Can I be free to leave hospital when a 5.2 section ends in

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Can I be free to leave hospital when a 5.2 section ends in 72 hours-3 days -?
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Customer: Can I leave a psychiatric hospital unattended in london British law when the 5.2 section -3 days ends?
Assistant: Have you seen a doctor about this yet? What medications are you taking?
Customer: None at the moment they are trying to take me off the medications because they caused me 9 cancers the first a brain one -prolactinoma in 1982 I am alive after that and the personal part cancer the breast cancer the 6 womb cancers I am only alive because I would not agree anytime to take chemotherapy or x - Ray's or mris or gadolinium after just 1 session of each ! I later worked out it was the dopamine suppressing drugs I was given I have been on them 47 years and 7 months they demolished my life!doctors base and dasgupta at the wexner institute Ohio universitfound dopamine cures cancers !like I knew for years ! I have told them an antagonist like the is the same effect as the dopamine -reducing medications they have been giving everyone for years that's why nobody gets better on doctors dopamine reducing drugs
Assistant: Are you keeping a personal medical record while dealing with this?
Customer: CBS makes dopamine it is a dopamine agonist that makes the whole nervous
Assistant: Anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: CBS makes dopamine and Ivanka inzelberg sheba centre hasomer institute tel Aviv has found

Hi, I'm Dr Osula, Yes you can be free to leave hospital after the 72 hours but only if not seen or treated by the Doctors during this period

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Please tell the ward manager to let me leave this NHS facility as I was made mentally I'll by their treatment 47 years and 7 months ago they gave me T.B. medicines because they said I was tuberculosis infected although none of my family who live with me had it they plied me with drugs Rifampicine I don't know dosage it's only to be given 3 months I was given this 6 years !this is a dopamine remover! Also I was given streptomycin again I should only have had it 3 months again it was given 6 years! And it removes all the B vitamins ! Also I was given isonoiazid for 6 years instead of the limit of 3 months!it to removes B vitamins idont know none of these 3 drugs dosages they gave me but also big was used as well as other drugs! I was going downhill mentally but by bit and did not know why I felt so unwell ! That doctor a chest physician -,now dead many years gave me valium he called it diazepam it finished me off mentally after a little while! Valium I have since researched is a very addictive drug!it demolished my reason that cocktail of NHS given drugs! I developed cancers over the years but like I told you I did not take treatment because my gut feeling was telling me don't I listened and after all that iam alive! Also that chest physician knew what he was doing he said "you might have a few mental problems but you will get over them!he was a liar they did the same thing to vivian leigh the actress never got better nobody does on those drugs! I read a lot and have read many books I was only 21 when I was given that crap but I was