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I have started with suspected ectopic heart beats (about 3

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I have started with suspected ectopic heart beats (about 3 weeks ago) and Im due to get a monitor fitted next week. When I am just having a small number a day I can cope but yesterday I had a full 24 hours of very strong ones - this really worries me. I already have an existing murmur. Am I ok to hang on to next week (if I can avoid panic) or should I see my GP again when they get this bad? I also get an underlying shaking sensation in my chest. My heart rate is not elevated even when having a bad episodes of very noticeable ectopics.
JA: Do you know if your family has a history of heart disease? In general, how would you describe your health lately?
Customer: My health has been ok. I had seen a GP about headaches and slight dizziness a few months ago. My dad had an enlarged heart but other than that I am unaware of anything.
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: I had rheumatic fever at 15 but my heart was given the all clear. This was checked by a cardiologist when I was pregnant and I was told all was normal. I had an Echocardiogram about 18 months ok too, following a dizzy incident, and that was ok.

Hi...Welcome to Just Answer. I am Dr. Sumanth Amperayani and I am here to help you today. I have 15 years of experience in the field of Medicine at a tertiary care referral hospital. I will do my level best to alleviate your health concern. I am currently reviewing your question. I will be back in a moment to guide you further.

If you see a premium phone call request I suggest you ignore it - as the premium request of phone call was a system generated prompt and was not initiated by me. I would be glad to continue here please.

Kind regards ***** ***** Sumanth Amperayani

Hello... I understand your concern.

I need some more information please.

1. May I know your age and gender please?

2. Are you experiencing any loss of consciousness?

3. Is there any breathlessness even after mild exercise?

4. Is there any chest pain which is radiating to the left hand and left jaw?

5. When the chest pain occurs is it only palpitations which you are experiencing or is there any excessive sweating also?

6. How frequently are you experiencing these symptoms and palpitations?

7. Is there any swelling of the feet?

8. How is your urine output?

9. Are these palpitations associated with stress and anxiety?

Please get back to me with the above information so that I can guide you better.

Kind regards ***** ***** Sumanth Amperayani

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I don’t really have any other symptoms apart from it makes me cough. I do feel anxious and stressed but I’m not sure I did until this started happening. I am getting them everyday - sometimes mild and infrequent and others hard and constant, for hours on end . My chest feels slightly tight but no real pain. No swelling. I am 49 next month and female and not overweight. I am generally for but have been less active in the last few months due to work.

Hello, from your symptom analysis and correlating it with the history that I have gathered from you I feel that you may be having premature ventricular beats (PVB) or premature ventricular contractions (PVC).

Coming to your question first and foremost - you can wait and there is no need to panic and no need to expedite the process of investigations please.

These are extra beats that happen before a normal heartbeat. The heart is divided into 4 sections, called chambers. PVBs start in 1 of the 2 lower chambers, called the ventricles.

PVBs are caused by a problem with the heart's electrical system, in which the ventricles send abnormal electrical signals. These signals cause the extra beats. VPBs are common. They can happen in healthy people.

Symptoms can be -

●Feeling like the heart is beating hard, beating fast, or seems to skip a beat – These heartbeat changes are called palpitations.

●Feeling dizzy or lightheaded

●A pounding feeling in the neck

You might be more likely to notice PVBs when you lie quietly in bed at night or lie on your left side.

Treatment depends on what is causing the PVBs and whether they cause symptoms. If you do not have symptoms, you might not need any treatment.

Possible treatments include -

●Medicines to control the speed or rhythm of your heartbeat

●A procedure called "ablation" – During this procedure, the doctor uses heat (called "radiofrequency ablation") or cold (called "cryoablation") to destroy the small part of the heart that is sending the abnormal electrical signals. You might have this treatment if medicines do not control PVBs.

I sincerely ***** ***** I have helped you, and that I have earned my 5 star rating today! Please remember to rate my service by selecting the 5 stars at the top of the screen (this is the only way we professionals get credited for our time and professional effort). We can continue here until you are satisfied, simply use the reply box and let me know.

A bonus is highly appreciated....Thank you!".

If you are happy with my interaction and guidance, next time if you have any health concern, you can approach me directly at the following link please -

Kind regards ***** ***** Sumanth Amperayani

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Thank you for the reassurance .My main concern is can the heart cope with the very long episodes?

It can and no need to worry please.

Be rest assured.

Dr.Sumanth and 5 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I only had a few ectopics yesterday but was kept awake all night by this sensation I can only describe as vibrating in my chest. It only stopped for a few minutes. My pulse was at a normal rate but it feels like something else is fluttering really fast. I also had some chest pain. What can this be?

Only Holter can give us the right diagnosis please. No point in guessing. But there is no need to panic too.