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Elliot Ruff
Elliot Ruff,
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Fractured coccyx can that lead to major surgery a few month

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Fractured coccyx can that lead to major surgery a few month later?

Good evening, I am Dr Elliot. This is very uncommon as the coccyx is rarely displaced. Do you know what type of fracture you are referring to?

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Hi i had a fractured coccyx which resulted in surgery a few months later..i fell straight on my back resulted to a fractured to my coccyx..

I am very sorry to here, what surgery did you initially have and what has been suggested on this occasion? Have they advised to watch and wait again?

Surgery is uncommon unless pain persists, which is what I assume happened to you the first time, but do you know what type of surgery you had? Did they remove some of the coccyx or fix it with screws/plates

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Hi Elliot thank you for your reply. After my fall i was in a lot of pain 2 /3 months after i fell..i then went to pick some up and could not pass urine for 3days i then went to my gp who referred me to hsopital, i had a catheter put in and then a MRI scan i was rushed up to as emergency and undergone spinal surgery for cauda equina..they had also removed the tail week later i was referred to another hospital for respite care and the same thing happened again i could not pass urine i was rushed up as emergency for my second operation...this has had a massive extent on my mental health..i had another MRI scan 1year ago to find out why im experiencing pain down my left leg and lower back..the result of the MRI scan showed scaring leading to nerve damage to my left leg causing numbness..this has also led to my left leg to give way at times resulting me to have two on my ankle andvthe other recently on my knee cap..i have never had any back problems in the past and have always been you think the fall has o n my back caused my surgery???

That is quite a journey. I can imagine that has left you worried. Any fall will cause bruising and soft tissue swelling. This can be painful for quite a few weeks. I think the potential of causing the same resume as last time is low.

If you were to start getting worsening sciatica type symptoms, tingling/numbness in the legs, altered sensation which you notice on wiping after using the toilet, then almost certainly you should get someone to examine you.

But in the absence of these I think what you would have caused is a soft tissue injury which will heal on its own

Does that help with your question?

If so, could I ask you kindly rate my response as this allows me to be credited to my answers, thank you

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Hi Dr of course i will..but surly the fall i had could of resulted in my two surgeries?? Bearing in mind i have never had any back problems in the past..this only happened after me falling at a forse on my back?

Yes, your original fall I would agree absolutely. However it wouldn’t be the coccyx injury but a higher spinal injury if there was cause equina

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Ok my thought exactly..i think the intensity of me falling backwards contributed to my two surgeries..
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Would you agree?

Yes I would agree with you

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