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Elliot Ruff
Elliot Ruff,
Category: Medical
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Experience:  GP at Whitstable Medical Practice
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I have an allergic reaction around my eyes, since six am

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Hey I have an allergic reaction around my eyes
JA: The Doctor can help. To begin, how long have you had the allergy? Have you used any medication for it?
Customer: since six am when I woke up yes i have taken antihistamines natural tears and cold compressors
JA: Thanks for that. Have you seen a doctor about the allergy?
Customer: i have contacted a registrar from singleton hospital but no i have not seen the doctor
JA: Thank you so much for your answers. Finally, is there anything else in your medical history the Doctor should know?
Customer: a had a previous similar reaction but everytime it comes back stronger

Hi! I am Dr Saleem. Welcome to JA. I will be answering your query shortly

Do you take anti histamines for this ?

Have you tried steroids?

Does it go away at its own? Does it only happen in spring ?

Anything which triggers it?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I have had the allergy for only a month so I'm not sure if it is seasonal.
No, I have to take antihistamines and wait for a 24 hours , never have taken steroids for it
i have no idea what triggers it.
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
No thank you, ***** ***** continue texting

There has to be a trigger it could be pollen , food, mites, any cosmetics , medicine , a perfume / spray etc .

So try to make a note of things you do when it starts .

Take Benadryl regularly fora couple of weeks .

If symptoms keep coming back , you may need to see an immunologist for patch test to figure out what exactly triggers it .

For now stick to anti allergics . The next step is oral steroids but you need to see your doctor for that .

Hope you feel better soon.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
okay would you like to see pictures of the reaction, can you prescribe the steroids for me?

Sure can see , but for steroids you need to see your GP

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
But with the current corona situation iam not able to do so

Unfortunately we cannot prescribe online as per website's policy .

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
File attached (ZTTLZL4)
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
i have forwarded the picture to you
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Please advice.

Yes your eyes are swollen and its likely allergic reaction to some trigger.

Should improve with antiallergics but if it keeps coming back then take it regularly . A short course of steroids might help .

For now just anti histamines should be fine . Take Benadryl or Cetirizine or Loratidine or Claritin

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Alright thankyou so much,

Most welcome .

Please remember to reward credit for the consult if you are satisfied . You may do it by clicking 5 stars in the rating corner of your page . Best regards, ***** *****

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thnakyou doc
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
One more question
what can i use to moisturize the area

Good evening, your prior doctor opted out. 2 stars is a negative rating, 3 stars neutral and anything above is positive. Please be aware this means they are not acknowledged for assisting your with your enquiry. If you feel 2 stars is fair then do not change this, however if you got an answer that helped, please consider reconsidering your review, thank you.

I see you are having some difficulty with this, the photo is rather helpful thank you. I would start Fexofenadine for this. You can use a gentle emollient for the skin, La Roche Effaclor do some good sensitive skin options.

Your GP will be open as per normal but likely to be offering telephone triage. Your GP practice should have something on their home page called Online Consultation - this should allow you to message the GP and attached that photo. They would then be able to respond within 48 hours.

Hope this helps, but please do get something stronger to suppress this and remove the swelling. Best of luck

Elliot Ruff,
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 1263
Experience: GP at Whitstable Medical Practice
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