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Srividhya V S
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Covid19 Q. My wife developed s/s of cold / flu 4 days ago

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Covid19 Q.
My wife developed s/s of cold / flu 4 days ago accompanied with a total loss of taste & smell & fever maximum 38.5°C. As a key worker she had a C19 NHS swab test 2 days ago receiving result yesterday which was -ve. Yesterday morning she regained her full sense of smell & taste & enjoyed lunch & dinner. Apyroxic for 2 days now.
This morning she reports complete loss of smell / taste again & no fever or any other s / s which had started 4 days ago. What might be going on? Thank you.
Welcome to just answer.
I am Dr vazsv here to help you.I would to help you with the best possible response.May I know her age please?Does she have any allergic or asthma issues previously?How long has she been into the covid field activity?How frequent is her quarantine/break schedule?What is her type of job there?.Please let me know the responses so that I can guide you further.
Customer: replied 2 day ago.
Hello. Thank you.May I know her age please? 57Does she have any allergic or asthma issues previously? NoHow long has she been into the covid field activity? Not sure what this Q actually means I’m afraid.How frequent is her quarantine/break schedule? Don’t understand this Q either I’m afraid.What is her type of job there? Teacher (3 - 5 year old pupils).
Customer: replied 2 day ago.
Her school closed for lockdown in April. Reopened 2-3 weeks ago. If this helps...
Thank you for getting back with the response.Sorry if my question had confused you. Since you have mentioned she is a key worker, it gave me an impression that she's into the field activity.
I apologise for the confusion.I got your details now.
Please stay on while I type my suggestions. You will get them shortly. You can clarify any further questions based on that.
Customer: replied 2 day ago.
sorry for my misunderstanding. I understand that teachers are considered as key workers.
From your description it looks like she has been through a normal flu like illness. The fact that she has been tested covid negative helps you in getting reassured that she has not been exposed to the infection. Since she is handling students of the primary school age group , it is quite likely for her to have flu like symptoms for a prolonged period. That doesn't mean she has underlying covid-19 but tested negative.You need not panic as far as she is afebrile and comfortable in doing her activities. If she is feeling uncomfortable with the rhinitis symptoms she can take a short course of antihistamines during the night time which might help her getting relieved. At the same time prolonged antihistamines course might also cause loss of smell sensation.Loss of smell is a symptom in covid illness but not always correlates with the same.I would advise not to apply any local nasal drops in treating the rhinitis symptoms.She not stay away from work nor quarantaine herself unless there is a known exposure to a covid case. She can feel very much normal at home and do the regular activities.A repeat testing is not required unless there is any fever or increase in cough.
Please let me know if you need any further information.I would be glad to help.Kind regards-Dr vazsv.
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Customer: replied 2 day ago.
Thank you very much Dr Vazsv
I am happy that my answer was helpful.Wish you all good and safe health..and happiness always.Take care.Kind regards-Dr vazsv.