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My son and I visited a doctor. After checking what we

Customer Question

My son and I visited a doctor. After checking what we needed, we asked this female doctor a separate issue. We asked her to refer us a male doctor for private part examination. This doctor was our family doctor and we has known her for more than 20 years.This doctor suggested that she could inspect my son’s private part. I said no. But that doctor ignored me, pushed me to the corner and turned my body facing a wall. I was shocked.At the same time, she asked my son to go to the bed at the corner of the doctor room. My son did not realize what she had done to me and very stupidly went to the bed as instructed. My son did not aware that I insisted not to do so.I questioned the doctor that she could not do the inspection. She turned her face to me and showed me a very ugly face like wanted to kill me. My brain turned blank and could not shout to her. My son used to listen to the doctor and as he did not aware that I could not speak. Then she did the inspection.I wanted to call the police immediately but was afraid that this could hurt my son. After a couple of days, we reported to the police. But we do not have any video and audio to prove what have done in the clinic, the police stopped investigation.I felt hopeless and now I wanted to report to the medical council. I’m afraid that the same would happen like in the police station. At that time, my son was under 18 and according to the ethnical rules, the doctor did not get my signed consent is wrong. The nurse was also out and so it is not according to the professional rules.Any actions I can take against the doctor?
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 13 days ago.
Hi. I’m Dr. Mark. I’m a board certified physician. Sorry you had this bad experience. Let me type my answers
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 13 days ago.
It’s not unusual for a doctor to examine the genitals of another sex patient as long as there is a nurse in the room .
This doctor should have discussed the situation with you before examining your son. This isn’t an illegal issue. To investigate this further you can contact the local medical board for their opinion.
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 13 days ago.
Any questions?
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
the local medical board only asks us to file a complaint may be for ethical and disciplinary issues. But I want to take legal action against her. what do I need?
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 13 days ago.
You can contact a lawyer who knows the local laws. They can advise you.