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Elliot Ruff
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I have a hiatus hernia and crohns how can I get rid of

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I have a hiatus hernia and crohns how can I get rid of bloating and gas? I take omeprazole for hernia and nothing for crohns

Good morning, I am Dr Ruff. Thank you for contacting us this morning.

A hiatus hernia would tend to cause Gastro Oesophageal symptoms, therefore either Omeprazole or Lansoprazole would manage this. Crohns is a Inflammatory Bowel Disease, this means if you have symptoms of crohn's then the management is with suppression, so steriods would be used.

If you have symptoms of crohns I would strongly recommend you manage them and contact your gastroenterologist.

What symptoms are you currently experiencing?

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Just bloating currently, I had my crp tested and it came back fine, I’m on omeprazole but I’ve noticed to many issues and want to be off it

Okay thanks. So you do not have to take anything for the hiatus hernia, however if you notice side effects from Omeprazole I would suggest trying Lansoprazole instead. This may settle the bloating.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Is there not ways to get of it? My nutritionist explained how bad ppi are especially for someone with crohns
There is surgery for a hiatus hernia, but it is a huge operation. So no surgeon would agree to do it when medications would help.Dietary measures can however be used to reduce it so that you do not need the medication as much
Small meals, no smoking, no alcohol, no caffeine.
These are the main factors that would improve your symptoms
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