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For a couple of years ive noticed my semen is yellow in

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Hi, for a couple of years ive noticed my semen is yellow in colour, it may of been for longer. Its not a dark colour, i have no other symptoms. I saw a doctor who checked my urine but nothing more - this was clear. Since then we are planning another baby and i am concerned this may cause issues with the potential baby. Your advise is appreciated

Hi! I am Dr Saleem. Welcome to JA. I will be answering your query shortly.

Nothing to worry about there dear customer . Its formed in your seminal vesicles and prostate . Color doesnt matter , its the sper count which does. Color can vary with diet . But nothing of any concern

Customer: replied 17 days ago.
Thanks for the quick reply. I dont believe its diet, before coming here i already tried to simplify my diet, cut out multi vitamins for 2 weeks , had my urine checked for an infection. Its pretty much been the same over the couple of years with slight variances of yellow.
I am not so much worried about fertility as we can cross that bridge if it became an issue, but more worried about issues with a potential baby due to the quality of my sperm
From what i have read, white is the normal colour and yellow might not be.
Customer: replied 17 days ago.
Leukocytospermia was a concern as this describes yellowing of semen.

I understand your concern . You may get a semen analysis done . But am sure thee wouldnt be any abnormalities there . Its just a variation of normal but yes get your semen tested

Customer: replied 17 days ago.
It maybe present for a lot longer though, its only the last 1-2 years i've noticed to be honest.

Ok , yes i would recommend a semen analysis . You can request your GP for that .

Best Wishes.

Customer: replied 17 days ago.
ook great, did not know GPs can do this, though it was urologists.
Customer: replied 17 days ago.
what your saying is yellow semen is actually a normal common finding? and dont have any concerns?

Yes its unlikely to be anything of concern. Your GP can order a test .

Best wishes.


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Customer: replied 17 days ago.
Okay thank you, ***** ***** to hear yellow semen is a normal common finding. Thank you for your help

You are welcome .