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Elliot Ruff
Elliot Ruff, GP
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Experience:  GP at Whitstable Medical Practice
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I’ve been married for 6 months and over the past 4-5 months

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Hey I’ve been married for 6 months and over the past 4-5 months my sex drive has decreased so much it’s causing issues with my marriage I’m also on the contraceptive implant I think that’s another issue also I suffer with really bad anxiety I’m not very active also
JA: How long have you been dealing with this? Is there anything in particular that seems to make the symptoms better or worse?
Customer: As mentioned above I suffer from anxiety and I’m on birth control
JA: Is there anything else the Doctor should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: Nope

Good afternoon, I am Dr Ruff, thank you for contacting us today

Customer: replied 12 days ago.

Congratulations on your marriage, I am however sorry to hear this.

Indeed anxiety will reduce your libido. Have you considered any management of this?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Thank you! It should be a good thing but unfortunately the situation has become difficult just due to my lack of desire and his increase of it. No I have no idea how to start or even how to manage this please can you advise
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Due to my anxiety and pcos I don’t have much energy a lot of the time

No problem. Okay, so you should start with counselling, more for your anxiety at first, but if there is any relationship strain, it would be worth doing it as a couple later down the line.

For this you can contact any Psychologist privately, or you can ask your GP to refer you.

Another consideration, but I would say this is only in addition to counselling, is to consider medication. One option is beta blockers for anxiety, or for more longer term, SSRIs which are a anti depressant. Again something your GP can provide.

Regarding your energy, I would ask for a blood test. If you have iron, b12 or folate deficiency, or even an underactive thyroid function, then these can all easily be replaced, but would certainly aggravate or even cause your symptoms.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I’m not too sure if you’re from the UK but I’ve tried contacting the gp about my anxiety many times and I’ve been told that their corona patients have more of a priority and my anxiety just to call the emergency number I did do that and was promised I’d get an email but I’ve heard nothing from them since.I will make sure to book a blood test but I’m not sure how that will increase my drive I used to take iron pills shall I continue with these again?
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Another thing which makes me really insecure is when I don’t have a high drive my husband looks at other women even in front of me it completely increases my anxiety

I am in the UK. That sounds like you are being fobbed off to be honest. I would contact them again about this.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Who shall I contact my local gp or 111?

Your GP. 111 wouldn’t start anything like this as more for emergencies that don’t need A&E

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I will try that and let you know if I don’t get the correct response I shall contact you again. Thank you

No worries, at all, all the best.

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