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Dr. P. Jyoti
Dr. P. Jyoti, Consultant MD
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Question on health for a male, No I haven't and I'm taking

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question on sexual health for a male
JA: Have you seen a doctor about this yet? What medications are you taking?
Customer: No I haven't and I'm taking no medications
JA: What medications do you take daily? Are you allergic to any medications?
Customer: I dont take any medications
JA: Is there anything else the Doctor should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: No
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
White bumps on shaft of Penis , havent had unprotected sex with 9 month noticed it with 3 weeks and I'm in no pain

Hello, my name is***** thank you for your question. I am a qualified MD with 18 years’ experience and I am happy to work with you on this.

Please provide some more information so that I can provide you with a better informed answer.

Can you share a pic?

Please provide this info and I will help you further with my answer.

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Thank you but I cant share a pic because of low memory on my phone
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
I would prefer text message

Please dont worry about the call request, it is generated automatically by the website, not by me. I will help you through text.

I have your reply. Please hold on while I type out your answer. This can take a few minutes.

These are almost certainly Fordyce's granules.

Fordyce's granules are small clumps of sebaceous glands that are located on the border of the lips or inside the mouth, and on the penis or labia. They are clusters of sebaceous glands which can be present in these areas. Some amount of Fordyce's glands, more or less, are found on upto 8/10 people.

You have probably had this always, but you have noticed it only now. Or they may be slightly swollen now which can happen due to various factors like friction, sweating, etc.

They are no cause of worry at all, they are perfectly normal glands, only their location makes them visible. You should not worry about them.

For now, keep the area clean and dry, avoid touching them or rubbing them. Apply Neosporin ointment (OTC) twice daily for about 7 days, but do not rub them and do not touch them other than this. If there is any swelling they will subside by itself. But there's no reason at all to worry about this, they may become less visible but will not disappear completely.

If they are worrying you, you can go for laser vapourisation, for this you will have to approach a dermatologist who can do this. This is also necessary for a diagnosis. But its really not necessary as most people have them.

Hope I have been able to clarify the situation for you and helped in resolving your query.

Please rate the answer 5 stars if you have been helped by the answer to show your acceptance. A bonus is always welcome!

If you need more help, please let me know so l can continue to assist you.

Thank you and I wish you the best of health - stay safe!

Dr. P. Jyoti

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Thank you but I have only 3 white spots under the foreskin small bit bigger than fordyce granules. A bit like cauliflower spots.

Since there is no pain, and you have had not had unprotected sex, it is still likely to be FOrdyce's granules.

There are STDs which can produce this like warts and mollusum, but they are unlikely in case of protected sex only.

Still if you have any doubts you should show this to your doctor.

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
I had unprotected sex 9 months ago would that be a cause of it ? In saying that I have contacted the person I had unprotected sex with and she is not affected ?

No, an STD wouldnt affect after 9 months

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Ok thank you
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Is there any treatment for this or will it go away on it's own?

No treatment is required, it should subside on its own but if it persists show your doctor.

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