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I am aged 88, in good health but I am increasingly suffering

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I am aged 88, in good health but I am increasingly suffering badly from indigestion. I have long ago given up all alcohol except whiskey (which in small quantities helps me). I think the problem may be slow emptying of the stomach. After a big (or sommetimes quite modest) meal I completely seize up and have to lie down for a few hours. On these occasions I get a very runny nose. What should I do please?
JA: Have you used any medication for indigestion?
Customer: Yes I have tried Rennies, Pepto, Gaviscon; and my pharmacist says try omeprazole (but neither she nor I am sure that will help)
JA: Got it. Have you used anything besides Gaviscon for this?
Customer: No, except Pepto and occasionally Milk of Magnesia - but that also acts as a laxative
JA: Thank you so much for your time. Finally, is there anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: No. I also take Apixaban (half dose but I did have a TIA and DVT many many years ago. I also take Tamsulosin


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you recommend any remedy for my indigestion please? The normally available remedies seem to have no useful effect


Kindly give me a few minutes. I am preparing your answer.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Are we still connected?

You may try Pro kinetic agents such as Reglan and Motilium which will improve the motility of the gastro intestinal tract.

Prilosec will also help you.

Medication isn’t the only treatment for indigestion. You may be able to improve digestion and relieve uncomfortable symptoms with lifestyle adjustments. For example-Eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Avoid spicy, fatty foods that can trigger heartburn.

Eat slower and don’t eat before lying down.

Stop smoking, if you smoke.

Lose excess body weight.

Reduce the amount of coffee, soft drinks and alcohol you consume.

Get plenty of rest.

Stop taking medications that can irritate the stomach lining, such as NSAIDs.

Reduce stress through yoga and relaxation therapy.

If it is not resolved by these medicines, kindly do an endoscopy to rule out any other cause and also a blood test to see if you have H.pylori infection.

Hope this answers your question.

My goal is to give you the best possible experience with Just Answer. If you have further questions kindly let me know. I would be happy to assist you.

Wishing you the best in health and happiness.

DIY Bitters for Digestion Herbalist Kate August makes bitters to support digestive h
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for this. My body weight is not a problem: I am quite thin and I do not smoke. I last had an andoscopy for this problem (without any result) at least 20 years ago. I will stop taking coffee and will try to eat slowly. It may sound strange but whiskey is the only alcohol I can take and it sometimes helps my indigestion as well as making me feel happier. I do not suffer from stress and I sleep very well. I will try the medications you recommend. I am mystified by my streaming nose when I suffer from this but it does realy happen.

You're most welcome.

Good to know you are taking good care of yourself.

These medications would benefit you and grant you relief.

Running nose is the body's response to stress caused by your indigestion episodes which will resolve once your indigestion is solved.

Have a great day.

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